She saw something in the cracks...

This is about the people we meet and the cracks in our lives.
Despite the frequent metaphorical enhancements, every damned story is true and all the characters are or were real people. I am thankful to have met these Kintsugi Kids, especially those I can call friends. I still want to meet many more though, and fortunately, they're everywhere...
Walking the streets. Building a robot. Eating pizza. Petting a cat. Stumbling out of a bar. Writing poetry. Fucking each other's brains out. Dreaming dreams. Always exhaling the unique stories of our cracked lives.
What’s the meaning of life? Fuck knows. We're nothing but kids trying to make sense out of a world too big for our heads. Maybe these Kintsugi bastards will shed a light on the mystery or maybe they'll drive me insane. All I know is that there's raw fucking beauty and wisdom in every crack, scar, stain, wrinkle, tear, dent, and kiss that make up our souls. Everything else can fuck off.

Names and physical appearances have been changed to protect the innocent.