The Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty (Donald) sat on a wall (silver spoon)
Humpty Dumpty (Donald) had a great fall (was hit by a car)
All the King's (Donald's father) horses (doctors) and all the King's (Donald's father) men (therapists)
Couldn't put Humpty Dumpty (Donald) back together again.

Donald's father is a wealthy medical doctor who owns a chain of clinics. When his son was in an accident he employed all his wealth and staff to make him good again. Unfortunately, not all the riches of the world could fix Donald. It's not easy to accept that things can be out of our hands. Especially when you control an empire of prevention and security as huge as Donald's father does. Sometimes, there is absolutely nothing you can do. A silver spoon is no guarantee of safety and no scepter of power can prevent you from falling.


  1. That Donald - Humpty Dumpty drawing is gorgeous in it's deformity!

    1. "gorgeous in it's deformity" is the coolest comment i could ever get on this drawing. thanks a lot.


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