The Smoke Spirals

Bad change is easy. A trip to the casino with the wrong woman can change you from a millionaire to a penniless bum. A fun night of drinking can lead you from a functional human being to a rotting vegetable. Even a simple walk in the park and you stop being a living story to become a forgotten corpse.
Good change however, is hard. Unlike in fiction, you can't wake up one morning and suddenly be a better person. There's no overnight revolution, no frontal assault with muskets, no personal coup d'état. Guerrilla tactics are the way to go. Ambush yourself. Sabotage yourself. Hit and run. Also, instead of closed life cycles like school, relationships, jobs, you should look at them as spirals where you ascend a little bit each time. With every new love, with every new challenge, with every new art work. Just little improvements on the spirals of life. The smoke spirals. Hopefully, taking us up to the stars.

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  1. i don't think that's ever entirely true. somethings you'll never get rid of, somethings you'll never lose. the idea is to improve on these things and build on them. that's why i reference spirals instead of cycles.


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