The Angel

In another era, the institution I was trying to get my shit together in would be called an Asylum. Now, washed of butcher quacks and the blood-thirsty lobotomies, it also lacked the anguished mad poets you see in movies and books. Instead, I mostly met sad sick people who weren't in there because they liked to recite Shakespeare in their underwear, but because something in their head was seriously wrong. Some drowned in their own drool, some deafened our ears with their nightmare screams, others had paranoia chase them down to exhaustion, and others still were captives in the clutches of depression.
Somehow among all the madness, there was a patient who stood out: A beautiful girl; too beautiful to be there, too beautiful to portray. Quiet as a mouse, graceful as a swan, and as gentle as an angel. With her rare smiles, she would spread beauty and peace like fairy dust on all of us losers. It was, in a way, a form a therapy.

We'll name her Kalani, the angel of the fallen.


  1. had to find you i "bookmarks" .... hope that you and yours are well...
    just checked on "Earthquakes and Weather".... Your former "Home-Land" has taken a "beating"... my best wishes to them, my Friend.....

  2. We have been among "broken people"... we know enough Psychology to "help' ... if I wish to do so... or can use their "negative" thought-patterns to "make a Monster"... the Human Mind is such a "fragile" thing...

    1. fragile but also very intricately complex. anyway it helped to be around such a person.

  3. Anonymous01:50

    Ah ha! See, people can't find you with the name change. Sadness.

  4. it's the price of change, but change can be good. hopefully, people will find their way back.


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