The Runner

Harris is a lot older than me, but inside, his spirit is still young. For good and for bad, his inner youth fuels him to be a runner, a special kind of runner. Not the kind that runs social cause marathons with friends on the weekend. No. Instead, Harris runs from life. He runs from city to city, escaping his past. He runs from family and friends, escaping their judgement. He runs from jobs and leases, escaping responsibilities and debt. Most of all though, Harris runs from love. Like a shark that can't stop, he leaves his lovers to choke on the dust raised by his running heart. A charming vagabond or an utter asshole? Certainly both. Seemingly untreatable, there's nothing to do for Harris, but see him go and yell: 
Run Harris, run!


  1. Loved the shark metaphor. :D And that it is visible in the drawing too!

    1. thanks. yeah, i'm a sucker for symbolism.

  2. Anonymous17:45

    The only subhuman I have found as equally hideous on the inside as myself I latched onto her breasts like a Coca-Cola addict sucking the teet of a Coca-Cola dispensing ten tittied mythological succubus beast. I was always a mommas boy lookin for that easy ride. Easy to bed and even more easy to manipulate into believing I was some sort of lost injured innocent. I saw what a miserable cunt she was but I was a leech looking for fresh blood. Symbiotic in our own way, we both see eachothers sumo wrestler sized bullshit but to our mutual benefits, we act like it just dont stink. Like we are something beautiful yet knowing all the while our insides are toxic waste. I didnt have many other options so I did what I had to do. A new start, a new act, with a girl I will call my "Venus Guy Trap."


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